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The LOLO Rainbow

The LOLO Rainbow

Rainbow making kit. Create high-quality rainbows, any size, from small to massive. Even region-wide rainbows are possible! Your rainbows are copyable, so have lots of fun!

Each rainbow is only 2 prims (no megaprims) & rendered by particles. "Ultra" graphics setting is recommended, especially when viewing larger rainbows.

A slow flowing motion is visible at some sizes, or in some sky/cloud settings. It is easy to generate lots of beautiful rainbow styles.

A menu lets you adjust your rainbow: how high to arch it, make it wide or thin, & more. All commands can be given by touch, or by chat.

Weather System

The LOLO cloud Deluxe -Sim-wide Weather system-

ALL COPIABLE: NEW cloud deluxe, HUD controlled weather, for weather control. Bring clouds, snow, rain, a storm, or clear skies to a WHOLE REGION, or that of any parcel, large or small. Here's what's in this weather system package:

Cloudspeaker Bracelet:

While wearing this, speak a command:

white cloud - turns clouds in region white, any precipitation stops.

grey cloud - turns clouds in region a light grey, any precipitation stops.

rain cloud - turns clouds in region a light grey, rain begins.

storm cloud - turns clouds in region a dark grey, heavy rain & thunder begins.

snow cloud - turns clouds in region a light grey, gentle snowfall begins.

clear sky - turns clouds in region invisible, leaving clear skies.

Control allows you to command all clouds you have placed at once, even across an entire region.

Cloudspeaker HUDs:

"Wear" this HUD & you will see a small cloud shape on your screen with buttons, as shown in one of the images here. Same weather options as the bracelet: white clouds, grey clouds, rain clouds, storm clouds, snow clouds, or clear skies -- all at the touch of a button. Extra copies of the HUD can be used by dragging in-world to allow public access to your controls. Control allows you to command all clouds you have placed at once, even across an entire region.

Cloud Seeds:

Each "seed" grows a cloud (size about 10 X 10 X 4 m). Each cloud location and altitude can be easily adjusted by moving its 2-prim seed. The clouds make weather, in response to your every command. The clouds are particle based & animated, slowly changing size & shape.

The LOLO Clouds

The LOLO Clouds

A nice cloud system. Here for you are 3 fluffy, soft & slowly billowing white clouds. Each of these animated clouds grows, from just 1 phantom prim, to cover an area about 10 X 10 meters. They will sometimes be smaller -- or larger -- because the size and shape slowly changes. Makes them nice to watch, just like real clouds.

The clouds are particle based, made with the minimum particles possible to create a quality looking cloud, and thus low-lag. You can place a few together to make larger clouds

The LOLO Mist

The LOLO Mist

The LOLO Mist covers an area about 30 X 30 meters. Add some atmosphere! Mist can be spooky, create an aura of mystery, or simply add interest and intensity to your setting. Depends how you place it and what you place it with. You get in this package, one invisible mist generator, capable of creating mist over a 30 X 30 meter area. The height of your mist can easily be raised or lowered by moving this one generator.

9 different settings of mist. Touch the generator to choose between settings: ranging from a thin mist, like in the photo here, to a thick & vision-obscuring fog. The mist can be turned on or off too.

The mist is a particle based special effect, done in such a way with minimum particles possible, so is low lag.

The uses are endless for this. Create a low-lying fog in a valley. Or perhaps add a thin cloud layer to a mountaintop. Could even be used in a club setting too, as a fog machine - looks great with a laser light show. :D

The LOLO Fireworks Launcher

The LOLO Fireworks Launcher

One fireworks launcher, launches pretty multi-coloured fireworks with great sound effects. Height of launches can be as high as 20 meters or more. Fireworks are launched easily by touching the launcher. Can be set to public mode, so anyone can launch -- or private mode so that you run the show. Also an auto-launch mode, for instant continuous shows, the script automatically generates the show, until you turn it back off.

The launcher is just 2 prims, each firework is launched in a 1 prim shell. These all auto-delete shortly after hitting the ground, so never any clean up work.

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