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Wearable pets
Shoulder Peacock
Shoulder Peacock

NEW! The LOLO Shoulder Peacock

Peacock - Animated shoulder pet. With a beautiful tail that opens and closes, this baby peacock also has some great features:

PEACOCK ANIMATION: Your peacock is fully animated. The peacock's eyes look around and blink, wings flap, tail opens & closes.

PEACOCK AWAKE/ASLEEP: You can control if your peacock is awake or asleep, by touch. When asleep, it closes its eyes, and goes into a resting position. Just one touch wakes it back up!

PEACOCK CAN TALK: You can make your peacock talk in chat. It will repeat anything you say privately to it on channel 7777.

LEAVE A MESSAGE: This peacock is smart! It can store one message for you at a time - remembering messages up to 128 characters long. Anytime someone touches your peacock, your message shows up in chat for them.

RENAMEABLE: You can rename your peacock. Whatever name you choose for it shows up in chat when it talks!

Shoulder Raptor

NEW! The LOLO Shoulder Raptor

Shoulder Pet: Animated Dinosaur! This baby dinosaur just hatched, and is happy to explore SL with you. It's fully animated, with snapping jaws, blinking eyes look around, tearing claws, & swinging flexi tail.

FEATURES: You can make this raptor talk in chat! Renameable, the name you give it appears in chat when it talks.

ASLEEP/AWAKE MODES: Command your raptor to go to sleep. It will close its eyes & rest. Command it to wake up & it wakes up again!

RAPTOR SOUND FX: Makes scary raptor sounds when touched!

Fluffy kitten

The LOLO Shoulder kitten Series #2 Fluffy Kitten

Our cutest kittens yet. Tiny animated kittens. They can talk in chat, and you can personize your kitten with a name. Blinking, looking around, moving paws. The first kitten in SL to have real fur, not just a flat texture of fur!
shoulder kitten

The LOLO shoulder kitten series #1

Our first series of kittens. These kittens can talk in chat. They meow and purr too.Also, you can name them. Fun!
Shoulder parrot

The LOLO Shoulder parrot

Bwawk..... Hello There! This is a great little animated parrot that loves to ride on your shoulder, pirate fashion! You can make your parrot talk in chat. They will repeat what you say on a special channel. They will not spam your chat. The parrot can make lots of different parrot sounds. It sometimes makes various unintelligible sounds and squawking, sometimes stringing these sounds together. Whether it is really saying anything or not is debatable. :) At any time, you can set how loudly it makes these sounds - setting it anywhere from complete silence to being very noisy. The animations are nice & keep it looking lively. You can name your parrot too if you want. They are fun pets!

baby monkey

The LOLO baby monkey

This popular little pet is one of our best sellers. Probably because its such a cute little monkey. It's face is very animated. The detail makes it capable to express many emotions.
Shoulder dragons

The LOLO Shoulder dragons

These are a mini version of our other dragons. These ones sit on your shoulder. Nicely animated, they are also very handy since they can breathe fire on command. Now that's something that everyone can enjoy!
Sewer Rat

The LOLO Sewer Rat

Many customers kept asking us if we had any pet rats. So we decidede why not make one. This pet squeaks when touched. It can talk in chat, like many of other pets. Ous smallest animal friend.
The Koala

The Koala

Eh mate! Its a koala. Isn't it the pet you've always wanted? This one hugs your arm, going with you anywhere you go. Also talks!
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