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2 Seater OffRoad LOLO Bike

2 Seater OffRoad LOLO Bike

Amazing new bike. More than the usual 30 prims for extra detail. Excellent scripting, very user-friendly since your options are all changeable through one touch menu. No notecards or chat commands needed to change settings. It has two modes: OFF-ROAD and STREETS. The bike actually follows the ground contours in OFF-ROAD mode & can be jumped by pressing page up! The STREETS mode is made for smooth surfaces where you may sometimes find the off-road mode to not be optimal. It handles & rides realistically like a real bike. If you're tired of your usual SL bike that can't negotiate even the slightest incline very well, this is the bike for you. It seats two avs, so you can ride with a friend. A green indicator can be turned on or off showing your passenger where they should click to sit. There are 6 different speed settings -- starting from moderately fast, graduating up to "demon mode", which is faster than typical internet connections can update your screen or fully rez your surroundings!

2 Seater LOLO Moped

2 Seater LOLO Moped

This is a moped bike that you can ride with a friend. It is a two person vehicle, with one person driving & one passenger. Custom sit poses included for driver and passenger as shown in the picture. Tires actually rotate when the bike is moving. It has wonderful texturing & a spare tire is included. There are 6 speed settings, conveniently adjustable by a touch menu -- the same menu allows you to honk the horn if anyone is in your way. Touch the bike to make sound of revving engine. Also features a security system with red flashing dashboard light & siren, that soundly ejects would-be-theives from riding off with your bike. Very simple operation, you and your passenger can just click "Ride" to hop on and go! Steering is easy using just the arrow keys on the keyboard.

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