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LOLO cat Series 4

The LOLO cats series #4

Animated Free-roaming Pet Cat. Scripted with health, so you can feed it & take care of it. A real virtual pet. This cat is intelligent. It does many things, all independently. Sometimes explores, walking - free-roaming, sometimes sits, sometimes stands... sometimes curls up to take a cat nap -- lots of little animations.
sculpted cat

The LOLO cats series #3 Sculpted cats

Cute and funky, very animated cats. Who thought a virtual cat could be this good? Each comes with a little ball toy to play with & can follow you around too. These guys can talk in chat or program them to say things when touched. Personalize your cat by giving it a name. Don't come home to an empty house... Come home to a warm & friendly LOLO cat, always happy to see you!
little lolo cats

The LOLO cats series #1

Fully animated. The animation is great, walking, looking around, and more.Cute & detailed style. This cat can follow you, walk around, jump, sit or stay by touch menu! Also it meows & purrs when petted. If you walk into water, it won't follow you, just waits on shore.
Little fire dragon

The Little Fire Dragons

Is a dragon a safe pet? Maybe. These ones will breathe fire on command. A little dangerous, so try to keep flammables and loved ones out of it's way. You can set it to be flying or to walk around on the ground. CAUTION: They can't control their firepower 100% of the time. So watch out, they occasionally belch out some flames. They know its coming so they try to warn you by whimpering.
Pet penguin

The LOLO pet penguin

Now the penguin can talk in chat. You can give it a name too. Smoother movements when it follows you, and an option to stay, if you don't want it to follow you at the moment. Global warming has made them leave from Antarctica, now they hope to find a new home with you. Our Pet Penguin is fully animated -- every part -- from beak to tail. Follows only it's owner. Command it by touch menu to make penguin sounds or move it around kind of like a remote control.
Love bunny

The Love Bunny

This bunny will follow you. You can steer it around & make it hop. Surprise a friend by walking it right up to them and hopping. Another button returns your bunny to your side. Also there's buttons to jump up on objects & people, or over them. (Very useful if you want to take your pet upstairs.) Yes, and you can move your avatar while moving your bunny. So give a bunny a home today! Each bunny is lovingly detailed from whisker to cottontail. Animated eyes, ears, and tail. The legs really bunny hop while it follows you. Oh yeah, they startle easy so are likely to jump when touched...
pet Raccoon

The Pet Raccoon

Searching for a pet that's real different? You found it!! This little fella has frisky movements with animated tail, eyes, and ears! With real walking motion, he follows you, not out of any loyalty, but in the hopes you might drop some food or garbage. This is a very cute little racoon... Fully animated: including eyes, ears, legs, and tail movements. Detailed texturing and one of a kind sound effects! Give one a home today!

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