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The LOLO started in the Fall, 2006

Our first product in SL was the "LOLO Bears" avatar.

That's where we started from, and we still keep it around because of that.

We started into the pet business shortly after the release of those bears, making many other animals.

Our Little LOLO Cats have been popular since then, with many script upgrades. It became one of our signature products.

The LOLO continues to focus on virtual animals, since we see that as something big missing in these new virtual worlds.

Our future plan is to make the entire animal kingdom, if time permits. We aim to make wildlife and domestic animals for your virtual life -- not just any animals -- ones of a much higher level of quality than you might expect. This program focuses on the development of a highly interactive, user-friendly and fun "soft A.I" to give our animals some level of artificial intelligence.

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